Thermocure Cooling System Flush


Flushing your cooling system has never been easier!
A harmless, bio-degradable product that removes rust as easily as the effort it takes to fill your cooling system with Thermocure. 
An amazing neutral pH rust REMOVER which has fully demonstrated it's ability to decrease the maintenance burden and decrease the cost and effort put into removing rust.

For Australian Supply and Pricing, please contact Mick Evans directly:
Phone: +61 448 182 227

Alternatively contact our NZ Office on 1-800 014 685.

Thermocure - Cooling System Flush Concentrate

Thermocure - Cooling System Flush Concentrate

Automotive Cooling System De-Rusting AgentRemoves even deep rust, rust scale and calcium deposits fr..

$87.95NZD Ex Tax: $76.48NZD

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