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  • Prolong Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer - 32oz


Fortified with Prolong's (Anti-Friction Metal Treatment) advanced anti-friction technology to treat the metal surfaces of both gasoline and diesel fueled engines, nothing works better than Prolong Oil Stabilizer! Formulated to help solve the following lubrication problems:

  • STOPS OIL LEAKS - Conditions seals to help stop oil leaks
  • REDUCES OIL  BURNING -Seals worn cylinders and valve guides to slow oil consumption
  • REDUCES ENGINE NOISE - Adds lubricity to motor oil to help quiet engine knocking
  • REDUCE EXHAUST SMOKE - Slows blow-by to help reduce smoke emissions
  • INCREASES COMPRESSION - Seals around pistons rings to help restore compression
  • REDUCES FRICTION & HEAT - Extreme pressure technology to reduce friction so that engine runs cooler
  • EXTENDS OIL LIFE - Antioxidants help slow oil breakdown to keep oil cleaner, longer
  • STABILIZES VISCOSITY - Helps maintain oil viscosity in hot or cold weather
  • COLD START PROTECTION - Special additives and Prolong's AFMT helps provide engine protection


  • Non-Corrosive antioxidant formula
  • Will not void engine warranties
  • Effective for both gas and diesel engines
  • Helps prevent sludge and varnish deposits

Regular Diesel or Gasoline Engines:
- Use 32oz with 4 litres of oil.
(Commerical, Industrial, Farm, Fleet and Marine)

For Badly Worn Engines:
-Use 64oz Stabilizer with 3 litres of oil

Manual transmissions only.  Differentials and gearboxes, use 20% by volume.

Motorcycles, Air Compressors, Lawn Mowers etc, use 20% by volume.

Size:  32oz  = (946mls)

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Prolong Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer - 32oz

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